About CSC

CSC has almost twenty years of experience in delivering the highest quality aluminum and glass products and services. We believe that each project is unique, and we’re committed to helping all of our customers to make the most of their dreams come true. Because we specialize in such a wide range of commercial products, we can help you to truly revitalize your project, whatever your requirements.

We pride ourselves on the precise installation and rigorous testing that we apply to everything we provide. Our confidence in the quality of our products is reflected in our comprehensive long-term guarantees, and supplemented by our best customer service.

Our Philosophy

Mission statement

To provide customer with high-quality exterior and interior aluminum and glass work where we can be proud of the integrity and craftsmanship of each product installed, and offer superior customer service throughout the warranty phases of the product, remembering that each customer will be important source of referral business to our company.


CSC wants to be recognized as the best Aluminum & Glass Company in the glass industry in all the projects they participate. The personalized customer service, the craftsmanship and the top-quality products that CSC offers make the difference to succeed achieving with all the commitments.